What is wrong with this world?

I have asked a lot of people, a long time ago this question: “Do you think it will ever be allright on this earth?”

Nobody said yes. Nobody. Maybe I asked the wrong people, but perhaps I shouldn’t have had this conversation in bars at 2:00 AM. But I’ve had this converstation also with people when we were sober.

What is wrong with this world? Most people start off their lives with a backlog (achterstand in Dutch, not shure is backlog is the right word, but I mean in every family there is no perfect start)

And people are full of fears and anxieties and other negativities. And due to that, people make ‘wrong’ decisions. I know I did a lot of things wrong in my life. But I never wanted to cause anybody harm. Never ever.

I would like that people would understand, that heaven is a place on earth. What happens when we die? I have no idea, but on this earth, we will be dead, but in a parallel universe, or galaxy? I don’t know, could be there is something more. Could be there is far more than a human could ever possibly imagine. Probably.

I will always believe in the good of people. I will always believe that one day…. I will always believe that doing good, cannot harm people, only if you do it right. And you can’t be shure about that, can you?

Believe in love, believe in peace, believe in joy, believe in happiness. Believe in the good. And keep your faith please.

Take Care,

G.P. Haandrikman

Beoordeel @Geepstar

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