Strange Things

So Ansgar John told me that he is aware of strange things. So am I. 7 years ago I started recording my life. Right now 2 screenrecorders are running all the time when I am behind my computer. 2 Panasonic 1080P camera’s (1 can do 4K, but for editing reasons I have set it to 1080P. 1 cam records in .MTS and 1 in .MP4. I haven’t connected my 4K Logitech BRIO screencam yet and 1 cool video ledlight is broken in a month same as my digital (?) table tripod. 4 4K cam’s are 24/7 recording video & sound and shoot it in the cloud, so thief, good luck stealing my modem and breaking it. Outside I have a Boblov 4K camera and occasionally I use my smartphone for recording myself in stupid situations. At home I have a CAT7 network and 500 mbps u/d speed.

I have also 2 High Tech HIFI sound recorders, but they don’t run always. Only in really strange occasions. I could also use my 4 mic’s to record myself also, but with my 3 NAS & Cloud Data Security system (have lost 10 HDD’s and 2 SSD’s, 1 ASUS GPU GTX 1080ti ROG STRIX OC 11GB and my MSI Mobo, but have a new one installed allready, but waiting on ASUS because they came with a worse card than I had, and cannot SLI it with my other GPU, new accu of my ebike broke, the tire of my loan bicycle was broken the same day I got it (puncture). And when I went back to the bicycle shop, a week before my new accu, warranty takes 2 weeks, should have arrived, and my bike was ready. Before I got home, I had a flat tire. And I am getting really tired of it. As you can probably imagine.

This is just a small fraction. I woke up during my surgeon operation and my mother woke up from a coma with Glasgow coma scale numbers 0-1-0. And fully recovered.

Take Care,

ps. My glassfiber modem had to reset it. The best way to reset EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. Switch of POWER of your home / building, for at least 2 minutes. And make sure that you keep other cam’s running. Because, those are 2 long minutes.

So just now 1 of my 4 cams went down. 1 of my 3 NASSES went down. 1 of my windows 10 MBR C:\ boot was broken.

And I have fixed it all. O, and my Seiko Kinetic said it was the 19th today. The watch is brand new. And all my watches did the same thing. Al my Kinetic watches. But they tend to brake every now and then.

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